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Millones De Libros A Precios Bajos. Envío Gratis en Pedidos de $599 For the most part its the other way around. I don't spend that much time looking at muleys in the winter, but they're usually a little later than whitetail from what I've seen. Most should shed by the end of February or so. Jan 10, 201 Many big game wildlife management areas don't open until midnight May 15 (noon on the Sun River WMA). Where: You can find deer or elk sheds where bucks and bulls hung out when they dropped their antlers, which for deer begins in January and for elk begins in March

February is antler-shedding month for many whitetails and mule deer around western Montana. Some bucks toss their headgear earlier, some later, but the bulk have either just shed or are on the cusp. Bull moose generally drop their antlers earlier in the winter, while bull elk seem to find March the best month to lighten their load While April is prime time for elk antler hunting, this formidable team uses late winter to look for whitetail and mule deer sheds as well. Whitetail antlers tend to be found in wooded areas with thick brush but in less rugged country, said Petersen. We start looking for them in late January As winter slowly fades into spring, the congregation of elk, whitetails and mule deer start dropping their antlers across the more than 43,000 acre range. Normally all of Montana's selected game ranges open the same day, on May 15, but late winter storms left the elk needing more time to recover, and spring rains left roads unsuitable to drive While moose start dropping their antlers the earliest (in December). Deer typically shed their antlers in starting in January, but mostly in February and early March. Elk, on the other hand, start losing their antlers in March and into April. What is the best time to look for elk sheds

Most deer and elk shed their antlers during March and April, a time when their testosterone levels are generally at the lowest. The low testosterone levels causes the bone connected to the base of the antler to deteriorate and eventually fall off. What's the biggest shed you've found? NEXT: NEED TO FIND LAND TO HUNT ON Typically, elk and mule drop their antlers between February and April of each year when the animal's testosterone is at its lowest level. Pay attention to each state's regulations to see when you are legally allowed to gather sheds. Remember: these regulations are in place in order to protect wildlife from harassment Most elk shed in March through April, but you can predict whether it will be an early or late year. Shedding happens with a loss of testosterone, so an early rut is a good indicator that antlers may fall off sooner. Older bulls and northern herds tend to shed sooner than younger bulls and southern herds Within Montana's Region Four there are several wildlife management areas, including Blackleaf, Sun River and Judith, that serve as crucial winter ranges for elk and deer. All are closed to the public from December 1 through May 14. These areas open for antler gathering at noon on May 15 They cast their antlers, which can weigh 40 pounds apiece, between late November and late December. Mule and white-tailed deer start dropping their antlers in mid-December, but some don't shed until early April. Elk shed last, between January and April, though the great majority lose their racks in March

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Ipostaze istorice ale migrațiilor. Între reconstituirea trecutului și discursul identitar românes Prices for antlers are about half of what they were even a few years ago, which antler hunters blame on a poorer Asian market. But even at $4 to $5 a pound, with a large antler weighing up to 10.

By March and April, when the elk shed their antlers, they'll begin seeking south-facing slopes where there's more sun, less snow, and better vegetation to eat The second factor is the timing of last year's rut. Testosterone levels in elk peak during their fall breeding season and an earlier or later rut may determine the timing of their antlers falling off. Elk will shed close to 6 months after the peak of the rut Elk antlers in mature bulls begin to regrow as soon as they are cast in February or March. Younger bulls shed and begin growth later. The growing of antlers in elk takes from 80 to 100 days in yearlings and 140 to 160 days in prime bulls. Elk need ample food to grow antlers weighing 20 to 30 pounds in a short period of time. A mature bull elk mus

In the spring months of March and April, bull elk drop their antlers due to biological changes in their hormone levels. These bulls have made it through a fall rut, the breeding season, and most of the winter. Spring months in elk country are unpredictable at best, changing from sunshine to a blizzard in minutes Every May 15, hundreds of shed hunters line up at the gates of Blackfoot-Clearwater and several other game ranges for a wild dash to find the shed antlers. FWP Warden Capt. Jeff Darrah said this. Many whitetail and mule deer bucks have already dropped their antlers, and bull elk usually lose theirs in late March or early April. My phone has been going crazy this morning, Falagan said...

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Colorado has ~250,000 elk in the state. Roughly 25% of that population are bulls, which means there are ~62,000 bull elk in Colorado. Every bull has two antlers so there equates to 124,000 fresh elk sheds each year in Colorado. Now as far as where to look for sheds, you need to focus your efforts where the bull elk spent their winter and spring Shed antlers from deer, elk and moose are commonly found in areas where they spend the winter months. Typically, mule deer and moose shed in late December through January, and elk shed from mid-winter through April The antlers weren't hard to find. Deagan Solan, 6, was surprised by the heavy elk antler he found amid the brush and winter-dried grasses. Lou and Lindsay Volpe watched as their son and daughter. Montana. No specific shed hunting laws, except that bighorn sheep deadheads cannot be picked up. State owned Montana Wildlife Management Area's generally open at noon on May 15 or June 1 to shed antler hunting. Check current local BLM and USFS regulations to see if season stipulations apply. Also, review open trails and road access before. Mark Kayser. Shed Hunting Tips the Western Way. Hunting for whitetail shed antlers dominates the antler scene, but like dreaming about a western elk hunt, shed antler fanatics consider hunting for elk and mule deer shed antlers a bucket-list adventure. Hunting for elk and mule deer sheds is a surefire way to enjoy western scenery in a personal manner, and possibly pick up more bone than you.

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  1. Another issue arising is stock-piling antlers in locations where shed hunting has a season. Remember that these seasons are set up to protect the wildlife in their most vulnerable state. Stock-piling is still illegal and can come with a hefty fine, so please respect the animals and the lands and wait until the season opens before going out in.
  2. Starting in springtime, after they shed their antlers from the previous season, bull elk grow new spikes and tines that branch off them at an incredible rate. At this time the antlers are covered in a soft, blood-vessel-filled covering called velvet, which nourishes the bone underneath
  3. Do elk shed their horns every year? Antlers grow from their tips, and they fall off and regrow every year. In early spring, as the days start to get longer and male elk have low levels of testosterone, they drop their antlers and almost immediately begin to grow a new set

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  1. FAQs - Montana Antler Works. NO, most of what we make are custom orders. We can modify our existing designs to meet your needs, or we can build something entirely new for your space. All the antlers we use are naturally shed antlers. Deer, elk, moose, caribou shed their antlers each fall/winter and grow new ones in the spring
  2. Male members of the deer family grow antlers. In Montana that includes white-tailed deer and mule deer (bucks), and elk and moose (bulls). Antlers are grown in the spring and summer and then shed in the winter. During growth antlers are surrounded by velvet which carry blood. and nutrients. Antlers can grow extremely fast
  3. Antler Tom. December 30, 2016 Jon Waraas 6. Antler Tom is a Great Falls, Montana based antler buying and selling business. On their Ebay account they have over 1,600+ transactions and a 100% feedback score. They mostly buy in the Great Falls, Montana [
  4. 13. Elk antlers can grow more than an inch every day. An elk's antlers can grow more than an inch a day in the summer. The amount of antler growth an elk undergoes, as well as total antler size.
  5. Moose and other deer relatives shed their antlers every year, and the process is thought to be painless, says Samuel. Usually both antlers are shed within hours or days of one another, author.

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At this time his antlers are shed once again due to decreasing levels of testosterone. Shortly thereafter, the antler growing process begins again. Bulls will typically reach their peak antler development somewhere between the age of 8 to 12 years. Most bulls that survive beyond 12 years will soon start to regress in antler development What elevation do elk shed antlers? 8000-9000 feet . Do elk lose their horns every year? Antlers —including the ones on this elk —are grown and lost by most species of male deer every year . An adult male elk , or bull, begins to grow antlers in spring Bull elk sparring at Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge in Nebraska. Photo: Todd Frerichs. Fact #9: After the rut, elk, moose, caribou and deer shed their antlers. The pedicles — the bony.

Although the number of tines present on each antler is not indicative of an elk's age, older bucks usually have more tines than younger bucks do. Bucks produce their first antlers during their second summer. Called spikes, these thin, non-branching antlers may grow up to 20 inches long The antlers harden and shed their velvet cloak as they approach the fall breeding season. Often times, a deer or an elk will shed in the same area, leaving proof they made it through another winter - but, it's only proof if you know where to look. I was born on the west side of town Where to Look for Elk Sheds . Elk shed hunting is not that unlike finding shed antlers of whitetails. Many of the key principles that apply to whitetail, and mule deer shed antler hunting are also important when looking for elk sheds. In order to find shed elk antlers there must be elk in the areas you are looking in, specifically bull elk that have dropped their antlers June 13th, 2013. Here in the Northwest, deer begin to shed their antlers in February. By the end of March, most mule deer and blacktails have dropped their headgear. Elk cast their antlers a few weeks later and it is not uncommon to see a bull carry last year's antlers into the early weeks of April. Pick up a shed antler on the winter range. An antler grows faster than any other kind of bone. It can grow up to one inch a day during the summer. By summer's end, a set of elk antlers may be as much as 4 feet long, with a spread about as long and weight up to 40 pounds. Bull elk shed their antlers every spring. The antlers fall off after being carried around for six or seven months

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  1. It was the FWP reports regarding elk counts in the area of the Beartooth W.M.A. In the report the observer mentioned that there were only a handful of elk on the W.M.A. due to the snowline being so high so early. This made me think that shed hunters on the Beartooth were going to have a tough time
  2. Go Shed Hunting. In the window between the snowmelt and summer, hunters hike to deer and elk wintering grounds to look for fallen antlers, or sheds
  3. University of Montana researchers and their partners recently published a study in Nature Ecology and Evolution chronicling an evolutionary tie between wolves and when bull elk shed their antlers
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Anyway I was fly fishing at a high, remote, seldom frequented lake - I am sure the lake is 7,500' elevation and I got to wondering back then - that spike Elk should not have been there at that elevation in March (when I thought all Elk shed their antlers) just way to much snow there at that time of year Elk Antler Growth Process and Uses. Bull elk shed their antlers in winter and begin growing new, larger ones during spring. While the antler regrowth is taking process, a soft layer of highly vascular skin known as velvet covers and protects the antlers. The velvet carries essential nutrients to the antlers to help stimulate the regrowth Shed Antlers are His Business. Roy Rasmussen was just 19 years old when he got the phone call that set him on his career path. A pal from high school had found some shed elk antlers here and there in the Montanan countryside and needed someone to drop him off and to pick him up as he collected the sheds. He offered Rasmussen 10 percent of the take Report Date: September 5, 2018 Source: The University of Montana Summary: A new study chronicles an evolutionary tie between wolves and when bull elk shed their antlers. University of Montana researchers and their partners recently published a study in Nature Ecology and Evolution chronicling an evolutionary tie between wolves and when bull elk shed their antlers Male elk, called bulls, have antlers that can weigh up to forty pounds. They shed and grow back their antlers every year. A mature bull elk can grow a set of six-point antlers in approximately 140 days. That's about an inch a day! As fall approaches they start rubbing trees to remove the fuzzy skin called velvet from their antlers

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When do bull elk shed their antlers? Most bulls tend to lose their antlers right between March 10 and 25; there are always exceptions. Changes in photoperiod (day length) cause a reduction in testosterone that ultimately causes a bull's antlers to drop off In a new study published in Nature, University of Montana researchers report that wolves target elk who have shed their antlers, even if they are fitter and apparently more difficult to hunt The peak of shed drop here is probably in early to mid-February, but it varies considerably by year, property, and deer. There is some evidence that older bucks drop their antlers earlier than younger bucks. Shedding is triggered by a drop in testosterone levels, and older bucks experience the largest drop in hormones

Only bull elk grow antler. Starting the spring after they are born, most bulls will grow spikes that are from 7 to 18 inches in length. Because of this, two-year old bulls are called spikers. The next year (as three-year olds), bulls will grow antler than have anywhere from 4 to 6 points on a side. At this stage, their antler are fairly. Many elk hunters plan their hunts to intercept the elk as they move up to these bedding areas. Elk are herd animals, and they tend to bed down together, making predation much more difficult because there are always a few elk with their heads up searching for danger. It should also be understood that elk do not bed down for the entire day Shed hunters know that after the winter solstice, when testosterone is at its low ebb in cervids and days are inching incrementally longer, every member [] Skip To Content 2nd Annual Online Auction - Open August 22-25 - Preview No Super Cute Matching Spike Whitetail Deer cut off antlers / Mule elk moose shed sheds Single 330. GreatAntlers. 5 out of 5 stars. (151) $18.00 FREE shipping. Add to Favorites Shed hunters know that after the winter solstice, when testosterone is at its low ebb in cervids and days are inching incrementally longer, every member [

These two purposes of elk antlers are in competition, the researchers say. Elk shed their antlers early or late in the spring, depending how they tend to use them— as a tool for attracting mates or as a deterrent to wolves. n Do elk shed their antlers on purpose? Growing new the cartilage is replaced by bone. The antlers eac BIG Matched Set 6x6 ELK ANTLERS SHED WILD IDAHO HORN DECOR DEER MOOSE #1 Grade. $599.99. $169.99 shipping. 21 watching. Dark! Alaskan moose shed antler horn deer elk decor. $80.00. 1 bid. $38.13 shipping Easily remove the antlers from their display and feel their mass, their texture, and their size. Shed straps lets you hang and display shed antlers from deer, elk, or moose on the wall in a versatile, rustic, durable, and accessible way. Born and based out of Montana, both of our products are made locally!.

The truth is, shed antlers can fall off almost anywhere in a buck or bulls winter range. However, that doesn't mean that all areas are created equal. Below is a list of the best places to find shed antlers. Bedding Areas - Deer and elk spend a good portion of their day bedded. In colder climates, much of that bedding will occur in south. Pronghorns shed their horn sheaths annually. Join today and receive a free $10 Bass Pro Shops & Cabelas Gift Card. He has written for numerous national and regional outdoor magazines on various topics from hunting to fishing to his pet subject, shed antler hunting. Like deer and elk, moose shed their antlers every year in the late winter or early spring. Body trauma also causes deformities. Soon after bull elk shed their antlers in March and April, their new velveted antler growth begins. During April and May, elk begin migrating off of the Refuge towards their summer ranges. The majority of elk will follow the receding snow line up to higher elevations in Grand Teton National Park and in the Teton Wilderness in the Bridger Teton. Montana Antler Collection: Visual Tour. The year was 1958 and I, as a ten year old, took a short walk. from my parents home made trailer up a creek into the timber. I. stumbled onto an old set of elk antlers and packed them back. to camp

Every year bucks shed their antlers, sometimes later, sometimes earlier depending on environmental factors. The antlers drop off, leaving raw, red spots on the sides of the buck's head until they heal over. The next year, the antlers begin to grow again Antlers are made of bone, and a new set is grown every year. Elk antlers are shed in February or March, in response to low testosterone levels. Deer antlers are shed earlier. As the spring progresses and days get longer, testosterone levels increase and the animals begin to re-grow their antlers Our custom antler lighting and furniture are made from deer, elk, caribou, and moose shed antlers. We specialize in large Alaska-Yukon moose antler lighting and furniture, and enjoy working with elk and deer antlers from Montana. We find many of the antlers we use; each antler is unique and tells a story. Our handcrafted antler furniture is. Savanah Swanson holds up a set of elk shed antlers Wednesday at the Sun River Wildlife Management Area. Thom Bridge Among those finding a trove of antlers was Matt Sweeney from Columbia Falls

Last April, thieves took at least 83 shed antlers from the game range before the public opening date. TIP-MONT calls led state Fish, Wildlife and Parks wardens to six suspects, and the recovery of. This lucky shed hunter watches a bull elk shed his remaining antler. For many shed hunters in North America, the ultimate dream is to watch a deer, elk or moose shed an antler right in front of them. The odds of witnessing this act every shed season are extraordinarily low in the wild. Still, the possibility keeps us watching our late winter ranges and south-facing slopes every season Either way, Nick Richardson, the manager of the elk and deer farm said one third of the company's income is derived from ground antlers, but he admits that he hasn't tried the antler capsules his farm produces.However, Richardson points out that many who've swallowed those powdered antler pills say they feel 100 percent better. The ground velvet antlers contain protein, lipids, fatty. Usually, both antlers fall off at the same time or very close in length of time. It is not unusual for one side to be held for a day or even up to several weeks. In correlation to the amount of energy expended during the rut, older, heavier antlered bucks typically shed earlier than younger bucks. When Do Bucks Shed Their Antlers

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  1. Shed hunters know that after the winter solstice, when testosterone is at its low ebb in cervids and days are inching incrementally longer, every member [] Skip To Content Join us in Park City for MTN Festival and World Elk Calling Championship
  2. Elk antlers as predator deterrents by University of Montana September 4, 2018. What happens when you mix a biologist who studies beetle horns with scientists who spend their time exploring predator-prey dynamics? You get a better understanding of why elk shed their antlers much later than males of any other North American species
  3. The annual antler cycle starts in March when most mature bull elk shed both their antlers, which usually weigh about 30 pounds total, occasionally more
  4. In southwest Montana, we have four species of the Cervidae family: elk, moose, whitetail deer, and mule deer. The male specimens of these species grow and cast their antlers annually. Antlers are made of the bone that grows from the pedicle on the animal's skull, one on each side. When antlers are in the velvet phase, they can grow up to an.
  5. Many areas restrict access until elk are off their winter range. Once you're allowed onto the land, get to where you watched a bull group shrink, and start looking. Elk shed hunting itself starts with glass, too, says Schaufler. Good elk antlers are big, and you can spot them from a distance. Save yourself steps. Go for a matched set

Wolves, bull elk, and the cost of shedding antlers. Elk retain their sexually selected antlers for nearly half a year following their breeding season - perhaps wolves are the driving force behind why. Link to paper: Metz MC, Emlen DJ, Stahler DR, MacNulty DR, Smith DW, Hebblewhite M (2018) Unlike elk, deer drop their antlers before much of the snow melts off. Often times, in the agriculture country, that means antlers will be laying in plain view. Alfalfa and stubble fields of grain, are key locations. Early season antler finds are accomplished by glassing. I like to drive roads that get me close to these locations and glass A strange thing is happening with antlers right now in Montana and Wyoming. The male elk and deer are shedding or have just shed the soft covering that helps their antlers grow in the spring and.

Shed Antler Display Ideas Deer Hunting Season Elk Hunting Deer Horns Shed Antlers Antler Art Deer Decor Euro Mounts European Mount Shed stampede: The race is on for elk horns. Horse riders race to find elk horns at noon on May 15, the annual opening day for shed antler hunters at the Sun River Wildlife Management Area in Montana. Savanah Swanson holds a set of shed elk antlers at the Sun River Wildlife Management Area in Montana on May 15 Antlers and horns: Do you know the difference? Some Montana wildlife have appendages on their heads and people often confuse what these are. These appendages are called antlers or horns. Let's discuss the differences. Antlers are fast-growing bone that grows from the head of animals like white-tailed and mule deer, elk, moose, and caribou - [ Elk Network When and why do bulls and bucks shed their antlers? Conservation | April 27, 2017 | April 27, 201 Common themes include unanticipated finds with major doses of physical suffering thrown in. I learned the art of shed hunting in some of Montana's premier elk winter range 20 years ago. It was a popular pastime, but not to the extent it is today. There was a lot of competition but antlers were plentiful

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The antler game is as popular as it ever was and there's still only one way to get them; you have to get out and look. Colorado shed hunting in particular is a gold mine of antlers, due to the population of animals alone. Thousands of elk and mule deer shed their antlers The male's horns are shed from October through December after the rut and are shed when new horn begins to grow underneath. The new horn is typically complete by late winter or early spring. Females tend to shed their horns in mid-late summer, but sometimes they can be more variable and collect stacked horns (like paper cups) over 2-3 years Authentic Montana Elk Shed Antler Horn. Great for making buttons, pipes, dog chews or other crafting projects. Nice table decoration. Antler is approximately 20 1/2 as the photo shows. This particular antler was shed in a coulee the stays moist so it has taken on a nice patina. EB# ET#456

Nebraska law allows a person to pick up, possess, buy, sell, or barter antlers or horns that have been dropped or shed by deer, elk, or pronghorn (antelope). Some compare shed deer antler hunting to an Easter egg hunt, but on a larger scale for greater prizes and without all the candy, of course. A shed mule deer antler in the Nebraska sandhills Elk, Deer, Moose, and other antlered mammals shed their antlers annually. This process is due to hormone fluctuations which stimulate the shedding of antlers and the re-growth of new ones. Elk typically shed their antlers in late March and throughout April. Elk begin the process of re-growing a very similar shaped rack immediately after. AEL. One-Stop Logistics Services and Supply Chain Management Service

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Deer, Elk, Moose and Caribou naturally shed their antlers each winter and all antlers used are antler sheds and no animals were hurt. Animals found dead, usually from heavy snows and cold winters are called winter kill and all European Mounts were winter kills that were found while antler shed hunting the antler will grow from that spot. FAQ: Why Do Male Deer, Elk and Moose Shed Their Antlers? Eating locations will provide a great opportunity for their antlers to fall off. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'easyretrievertraining_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_9',172,'0','0'])); If you have ever headed out to find sheds and come back empty-handed, Deer, elk, and moose, actually all drop their. Most elk shed their antlers from February until April. Large bulls tend to drop their antlers first, with young bulls carrying their antlers longer Stephan Felix's elk, shot on a DIY hunt on Montana public land in 2016, represents the other. Felix, an EMT dealing with the fallout from a tragic accident, decided to hike to his hunting area.

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  1. when do elk shed their antlers in idaho. 8 enero, 2021 In Sin categoría By. when do elk shed their antlers in idaho.
  2. Elk Antlers. Most elk shed in March or April. Northern bulls typically shed earlier in the year than their counterparts in southern herds. Older bulls will also shed before younger bulls. The best places to look for elk antlers are where the herds, themselves, hang out. Elk herds tend to range in the same general, often-open, areas, on a.
  3. Invariably the antlers he had eyed disappeared, courtesy of less lawful shed hunters who scoffed at a new regulation requiring them to wait until noon Friday to touch an antler. If I could do.
  4. Elk have thick bodies with slender legs and short tails. They have a shoulder height of 0.75-1.5 m (2 ft 6 in-4 ft 11 in) with a nose-to-tail length of 1.6-2.7 m (5 ft 3 in-8 ft 10 in). Males are larger and weigh 178-497 kg (392-1,096 lb) while females weigh 171-292 kg (377-644 lb)
  5. Not only do elk retain their antlers until spring, but they shed them over a very long period, up to 2-3 months. This is unique to elk and seems to imply the antlers might serve a secondary purpose. In most members of the deer family, antler shedding takes place over a short period
  6. First, with little knobs on their heads and then finding their sheds later on Craig trails off and takes a deep breath, it's hard to describe the appreciation. Shed hunting has become more popular in recent years as individuals can sell them, as of 2019, between $3-14/pound for white or brown antlers
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Shed hunters know that after the winter solstice, when testosterone is at its low ebb in cervids and days are inching incrementally longer, every member [] Skip To Content Become a Member Today at $50 and Receive a Free thank-you gift—RMEF Team Elk cap Buck Bone Organics Elk Antlers For Dogs, Premium Grade A - Naturally Sourced From Shed Antler, Large Split Antlers 6-8 In Length, Made in the USA 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,216 2 offers from $24.9 Every year Only the males grow antlers. A new set grows every spring, even on very young males. However, the older the male, the bigger the antlers get during summer. During the spring, the antlers are covered with a velvety layer that carries blo.. Bull moose shed their antlers in late autumn or early winter, after the end of the breeding season. beat you to them. Genetics drives antler shedding to a specific date, but a ma Reasons to work hard in the late winter, spring and summer to find white gold vary from person to person. Larger bull elk generally begin shedding their antlers the first part of March, while deer do their shedding about a month later in April. I handed over the older one, and everyone walked away happy. In half an hour, I found two succes-sive years of sheds from the same buck. Home United.

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And go where no other people are hunting them, he added. Usually, both antlers fall off at the same time or very close in length of time. Once the antlers are shed, they will start growing a soft velvet before developing another full antler rack. Chris Roe 10-Feb-11. They shed antlers in mid-February and their next set begins to grow immediately after. Every hunting unit that has elk will. There's no doubt the shed antler craze has skyrocketed in recent years for a few reasons; any serious hunter loves antlers and the market value is high. A brown elk or deer shed can bring as much as $12 per pound and can be worth far more if they are deemed trophy quality or sold as a matched set Just a reminder: THESE ARE WILD ANIMALS! They will severely injure you and/or quite possibly kill you if you don't respect them and give them space, so when I see things like this, it just makes me shake my head and honestly, drives me crazy. Fox 31 got video from.. They are handmade from naturally shed antler here in Montana. The antler has been polished with our special compound to ensure a beautiful shine and smooth surface. Antler jewelry is very light and wont weigh you down.。Deer and Elk shed their antler naturally once a year and we utilize this natural resource to provide you with unique handmade.