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Uncyclopedia:Best of. Here you will find a list of the very best Uncyclopedia has to offer. It's not much but we're proud. Below are articles that have been featured on the front page, or almost featured on the front page, and various articles considered to be among the best on Uncyclopedia. You can choose the next article that shows up on this. Well there are dozens of articles which are a delight to read.. 1. Sex and all related articles including Penis,Masturbation (disambiguation), Testicles, Vagina, Cunt,Handle Flashing Your Vagina in Public, Pussy [NFSW]. 2. Devil (note the icon of. UN:BEST. BEST. On this page are articles that were featured on the front page during the golden years of Uncyclopedia (meaning any year other than this year) [golden meaning its not like this year] {meaning the articles arent as good as this year}. Do read them to see how much better the 2011 articles are Uncyclopedia:Best of. From Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia. Template:Shortcut Here you will find a list of the very best Uncyclopedia has to offer. Below are articles that have been featured on the front page, or almost featured on the front page, and various articles considered to be among the best on Uncyclopedia The Best Article on Uncyclopedia. From Illogicopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search Hint, it's NOT Oscar Wilde!.

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A portal is an introductory page for a given topic. It points out good articles on a topic, allowing non-featured material to be highlighted in some form. Portals also help editors find related projects and things they can do to help improve Uncyclopedia. Portals are the best way to start exploring Uncyclopedia Uncyclopedia The content-free encyclopedia Undictionary The ick!tionary of all things best left unsaid UnTunes Where noisy things can live and prosper Games Another way to waste time HowTo Instructions and guides for anything and everything UnBooks Content-free books Unquotable Useless misquotes galore Uncycloversity If it makes sense, we don't. The original Uncyclopedia, started in 2005, currently contains 32209 articles. This mirror Uncyclopedia contains 46,339 articles. Uncyclopedias are being written in many languages : Pagecount statistics listed above were updated on June 14, 2019. Protected by the Fair Use Clause, and an elite clan of Clinjas

  1. Uncyclopedia's articles often begin with quotations, usually misquoted, fictitiously attributed or entirely fabricated. Among the most recurrent themes is the invention of quotes attributed to Oscar Wilde, prompted by an article stating that inventing Wilde quotes was the national sport of England, and themes such as kitten huffing (the inhalation of the souls of cats as a form of drug abuse)
  2. ation, is now a multi-national effort and is seen as the best of its kind by some. It currently specializes in tedious mockery of perceived competitors and petty in-fighting, with much of the.
  3. For any articles that need a spelchek. What You Can Do; More things you can do. Featured Here's where you can find articles that don't suck. Best of Uncyclopedia (articles) Best of Uncyclopedia (images) Voting. Vote For Highlight (articles) Vote For Highlight (images) Awards. Writer of the Month; Noob of the Month; Uncyclopedian of the Month.
  4. Uncyclopedia has two rules, be funny and not just stupid , and don't be a dick . [2] are both correct uses of a primary source, according to the original research policy. Even if the primary sourced material were false, it wouldn't matter, because wikipedia articles have to be verifiable, not true
  5. None of them are really except if you are really into mean-spirited satire that is, and i'm saying this not only as someone who was a former target of theirs (i'm that 'werejohncandy' guy, but i'm already self-aware enough of it that I didn't need..
  6. Uncyclopedia is a community site that anyone can contribute to. Discover, share, do a funky dance, and add your best comedic writing! 5. Members. 3. Online

Uncyclopedia Brown is the fictional hero of a series of detective stories for small children. He is known by the nickname Uncyclopedia due to his vast knowledge of facts, figures and dates, all of which are untrue, misleading and inaccurate. Department of Redundancy Department: Of course there are at least two articles on redundancy, here and. a phony version of Wikipedia that is generated using Wikia that provides humorous articles about subjects, usually the articles have nothing to do with the real thing. are abundant in Uncyclopedia and are open to all. Uncyclopedia is every highschool student's best friend. Uncyclopedia helped me get this Uncyclopedia article is funny. Less funny version of. Uncyclopedia is just a profound less funny version of encyclopedia dramatica (which it copied). 99% of the articles on encyclopedia dramatica are funnier than 99% of those on uncyclopedia. Pindle 21:25, 13 March 2006 (UTC) . Yes, but on uncyclopedia the articles are funny on purpose. --Isra1337 01:44, 14 March 2006 (UTC) That's even worse, and means they try really hard. The good articles (so judged by Uncyclopedia users) are listed both here and here. The site's guidelines and rules are written in a truthful and non-satirical, but still humorous tone, the best example of which is How To Be Funny and Not Just Stupid. International editions are notorious for sometimes creating new puns for their titles On May 28, the Oxford Research Encyclopedias of Business and Management, Economics and Finance, and Neuroscience will be available via subscription. After a successful free period during development, the OREs provide in-depth overviews of the major areas of research and will continue to grow with the field over time

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Uncyclopedia uncyclopedia.org The content-free encyclopedia A parody site inspired by inaccurate but hilarious Wikipedia entries. Jimbo's creation is defined here as a massively multiplayer. Uncyclopedia Uncyclopedia is an ambitious spoof of Wikipedia. It could be seen as an over-the-top response to Wikipedia users, also known as Wikipedians, who seem to take the site much too seriously. From the home page's logo to the formatting of each entry, the parallels between the two sites are uncanny and well-executed. Make no mistake. It was designed to let people write articles about a topic as long as the content is pure nonsense. For some frivolous reading and a few laughs, visit https://uncyclopedia.ca. See Wikipedia A brief histerie []. Blocked on Japanese Uncyclopedia, where blockin is more preferred tae ceautin articles because they believe in the Big Brother n his dictatorship, the founder, actually a gamin console, hae decidit tae craut anither website o humor n nonsense, truely made in Japan, like Toyota n Nissan dit in the past, against Ford n General Motors.. It used tae be Miipedia, n WiiUpedia.

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  1. Top Best Alternatives to Wikipedia. Submitted by schekanov on Sat, 08/11/2018 such as Uncyclopedia. Similar to the original Wikipedia, the discussed alternatives cannot be used as a reference in your work, but they do achieve the main goal - a creation of an encyclopedic summary on specific topics supported by external online resources.
  2. I love Uncyclopedia, it makes fun of...everything. In the search box, type cmd or command prompt or something and there will be a funny picture of a person trying to talk to it. Logge
  3. s led by Umkemesik to form a Clone of ED at encyclopediadramatica.online and later dramatica.online
  4. 4. Click your username to create your user page. In order to have a personal Wikipedia user page, where you'll be able to create and write articles, click on your username at the top of any Wikipedia page. This will direct you to a page where you'll then see a link for Start the user [username] page
  5. Wiki. A wiki is a website intended to be edited by its readers. Tim Berners-Lee used to consider wikis to be the realisation of his original peer-to-peer vision for the World Wide Web, but then he tripped on acid and became obsessed with 'Solid PODs'. They were invented in 1995 by programmer Ward Cunningham; the first wiki was the Portland.
  6. Such as png, jpg, animated gifs, pic art, symbol, blackandwhite, picture, etc. If you're searching for Death Note Characters Mello And Matt subject, you have visit the ideal blog. Our blog always gives you hints for seeing the highest quality pics content, please kindly hunt and locate more enlightening articles and pix that fit your interests
  7. or shitstorm. As my own running joke, I post that pic in news articles whenever possible. I'm going to milk those balls dry. So to speak

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  1. Uncyclomedia's goal is the spread and promotion of finely-honed idiocy throughout the free world.If you want to propose a new language under the umbrella of the Uncyclomedia Foundation which is in line with this goal, you can: . If you want to propose a new project for an existing language, please do so on proposals for new projects. Click here for reading the manual before adding your request!!
  2. Encyclopaedia Britannica is the oldest English-language general encyclopedia. The Encyclopaedia Britannica was first published in 1768, when it began to appear in Edinburgh, and its first digital version debuted in 1981. In 1994 Britannica released the first Internet-based encyclopedia, and Britannica.com was launched in 1999. Britannica relies on outside experts and its own editors to write.
  3. Buy Wackypedia - Wikis: Encyclopedia Dramatica, Liberapedia, Uncyclopedia, Wikia, Wikihow, Wikipedia, Ku Klux Klan, the Best Article on Encycl (9781234706562) by Source Wikia for up to 90% off at Textbooks.com

Interwiki map discontinued. The Interwiki map charts interwiki link prefixes, and is stored in the interwiki table of the database (see Help:Interwiki linking ). If you wish to propose a new prefix, please do so on the talk page. Remember to specify why the prefix would be useful on a significant number of pages on Wikimedia Foundation projects Uncyclopedia was started by Jonathan Huang and his friend named Stillwaters. It was made on January 5, 2005. Uncyclopedia's logo is a hollow potato named Sophia. This makes fun of Wikipedia's globe logo.. Uncyclopedia is a joke wiki that pretends to be useful. Every page is filled with made up facts and jokes.Users make fun of things by creating pages about them We asked 10Best readers to vote for the 10 best aquariums in the United States, and the results are in Vehicles bearing Uncyclopedia puzzle potato plates are turned back at the Wikipedia border because that nation uses an incompatible, non-commercial licence. Featured articles are the best articles English Wikipedia has to offer to its visitors so don't forget to take a look at some If you know nothing about how Wikis work, don't fret, just do your best, and some other user will tinker with your page to make it look pretty. en.uncyclopedia.co. Write an article. This is where you can get satirical, get funny, get stupid, get up on your high horse, get down and dirty, get pretty much anywhere and everywhere..

The best code editors in 2021: our guide to the top options. By Jeffrey L Smith, Craig Grannell . Web Design Discover the best code editors available now. The ultimate UI design guide. By Daniel Schwarz . Web Design Top techniques and the latest tools for creating great interfaces This removal feels unjustified at best, to be honest; there is a fair overlap between Uncyclopedia users and Wikimedia Foundation users, and allowing this interwiki to properly exist will enable Uncyclopedia users on Wikimedia websites to still refer to themselves and/or their articles on Uncyclopedia easily Wackypedia - Wikis: Encyclopedia Dramatica, Liberapedia, Uncyclopedia, Wikia, Wikihow, Wikipedia, Ku Klux Klan, The Best Article on Encyclopedia New Monaco, King.

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Like big smooth rich people, cats don't do anything. Also like big smooth rich people, cats demand the best of everything. But unlike big smooth rich people, no one ever cuts the heads off of cats. This is because cats control the big people's minds. Their way of mind control is known by science as being adorable. In everyday words this means. Wikipedia is an open-source, multilingual online encyclopedia that allows its user to add, edit or delete its content using a rich-text editor. Launched by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger in 2001, the website consists of more than 23 million articles in 285 languages written collaboratively by voluntary researchers and editors around the world (as of October 2012) 'Best Of Uncyclopedia FANDOM Powered By Wikia May 6th, 2018 - On This Page Are Articles That Were Featured On The Front Page During The Golden Years Of Uncyclopedia Meaning Any Year Other Than This Year Golden Meaning Its Not Like This Year Meaning The Articles Arent As Good As This Year What does wikipedia mean? The world's largest encyclopedia available on the Web at www.wikipedia.com. Wikipedia is user generated, and anyone can.

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation The entertainment site where fans come first. Your daily source for all things TV, movies, and games, including Star Wars, Fallout, Marvel, DC and more Wikipedia. The world's largest encyclopedia available on the Web at www.wikipedia.com. Wikipedia is user generated, and anyone can create or edit an article (see wiki ). Founded in 2001 by Jimmy Wales, as of 2020, there are more than six million articles in English, as well as articles in every language on earth Encyclopedia. Containing over 100,000 terms, TheFreeDictionary's Encyclopedia is compiled from a number of sources, including The Columbia Encyclopedia®.The current Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia® contains nearly 52,000 entries and more than 84,000 hypertext cross-references, marshalling 6.5 million words on a vast range of topics. Comprehensively revised on a quarterly basis, the. Kabanjan. The supreme God-given semi-democratic somewhat egalitarianist mostly totalitarian constitutional benevolent federal sovereign demi-socialist super-awesome dictatorship of Kabanjan, usually referred to simply as Kabanjan was founded in 2017 by two Amateur Geniuses Prabhanjan Prabhu and Sri Kabiish who are now rightfully titled as the.

French Stewart. French Stewart, in the controversial role as a fat cow. For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about French Stewart. Milton Stewart (born Feb. 20, 1964) better known as, The French, is a popular actor/thespian who has appeared in many movies and TV shows. He has won 21 Academy Awards Goddard's Law []. Goddard's Law (also known as Goddard's Rule of Penguin Referencing) is an universal law of the multiverse.It was first spoken of in hushed tones by famed physicist and amateur rocket maker Robert P Goddard (1882-1945: See Below) in 1947 Encyclopedia Dramatica (ED; also spelled Encyclopædia Dramatica; or referred to otherwise by the standalone ligature æ prominently featured in its logo) is an online community centered around a wiki that acts as a troll archive. It first opened under the domain name encyclopediadramatica.com on December 10, 2004.. Its articles lampoon topics and current events related or relevant to.

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I was reading a Cracked article about bastardizations of Wikipedia, which of course had Conservipedia, which lead to Liberalpedia's article on it, which led here. Zeus 20:27, 7 June 2009 (UTC) July 2009 . RationalWiki had my baby. Web 04:13, 9 July 2009 (UTC) Told by a friend after laughing at Conservapedia for a day A wall of text is something that is frowned upon in most, actually virtually all Internet societies, including forums, chat boards, and Uncyclopedia. You should not make walls of text because it can get you banned anywhere unless it is a place that encourages walls of text best common app essays; examples of a good thesis statement for an essay; chicago style online citation generator; writing personal essay for college; case study mla format; mla annotated bibliography format; frank mccourt novel; good topics for essays; math lab solver; journal article review sample; apa stands for: professional college essay.

Los CDs y vinilos más vendidos a precios bajo About Simple English Uncyclopedia; This is the front page of the Simple English Uncyclopedia. Uncyclopedias are places where people work together to write funny encyclopedias in different languages. We use Simple English words and grammar here. The Simple English Uncyclopedia is for everyone! That includes children and adults who are learning to make understandable funny articles

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Uncyclopedia.Wikia.com is a Wikia powered encyclopedia where anyone can freely browse and share information over any subject matter. One of the best things about Uncyclopedia.Wikia.com is that it holds information about any topic that is what makes Uncyclopedia.Wikia.com one of the best sources of data on the internet Without the Beatles was released as Meet the Mopheads and Thank Thank You was released as The Beatles' Second Album, or Maybe the Third. At the time, fans didn't know any better, but when they did, they were quite upset.. It all started in January 1980. John was excited for the 1980s The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy organizes scholars from around the world in philosophy and related disciplines to create and maintain an up-to-date reference work

Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia, or fake Wikipedia, is a website making fun of Wikipedia.. Uncyclopedia was started by Jonathan Huang and his friend named Stillwaters. It was made on January 5, 2005. Uncyclopedia's logo is a hollow potato named Sophia. This makes fun of Wikipedia's globe logo.. Uncyclopedia is a joke wiki that pretends to be useful uncyclopedia.wikia.com. The poor meme-ridden comedy website Uncyclopedia is the stuff of Internet legend and infamy. The site which originated in 1860 is now a multi-national effort and is viewed as the best of its kind by some. [1] Uncyclopedia currently specializes in tedious mockery of perceived competitors and petty in-fighting, with much.

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BEST ARTICLE; Saturday, December 3, 2011. Global warming - uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia help our earth from global warming and preserve the environment we show the green guide for you to follow easily if we join to save the world, i assure that we ll never.. 25 unusual sites to help get rid of boredom. Sometimes you end up with just too much time on your hands. Maybe you've done all your work for the day and are at a loose end, maybe your work is just boring you senseless. You might have gotten sick of you're favourite websites, you can't find any interesting articles to read, and it's the same old. Pick up lines are rarely a good idea, even if you have a good line. At best, they're an icebreaker if the person you're delivering them to has a sense of humor. But then there are some pickup lines that are so ill-advised, it takes you from unnoticed to Not a chance in hell. Here are the 25 worst pickup lines you've ever heard

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Emotions were running high during a historic weekend at Silverstone! We enjoyed the inaugural F1 Sprint before an enthralling race in front of Silverstone's. There's not really much of interest, as it is (as previously stated) just a derivation of a progress bar with a wrapped background worker. Here's a little code dump of the implementation in the demo's main form to show how easy it is to use: C#. Shrink Copy Code. public partial class FormMain : Form { public FormMain () { InitializeComponent. THE LADY OF THE BARGE AND OTHERS, Book 2. The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Monkey's Paw, by W.W. Jacobs This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at www. 2012-07-22 · The Best Way to Castrate Your Husband-Part One The Free Dictionary gives three definitions of castrate. in what way are... Easiest way to castrate husband | www.dpfs.ne

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Windows uses a Registry setting that contains the ID of the default MIDI out device. The key is: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\ActiveMovie\devenum\ {4EFE2452-168A-11D1-BC76-00C04FB9453B}\Default MidiOut Device, and the value that needs changing is a DWORD called MidiOutId. All we need to do is change this value to the ID of our preferred. wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 72 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 244,967 times Community Central is a gathering place for users from all of Fandom's communities. Connect with other contributors, get help and read updates from Fandom Staff